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2009-10-05 15:47:59 by destroyer568

ok i dont know what to do


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2009-10-05 16:49:56

Make Madness Interactive Mods

Heres a tutorial :P /470526


2009-10-05 16:50:32

Or make crappy animations such as WTFF 1 and 2,Clock Killa and other shit seen in All In One Compilations Vol.1(my flash):P

destroyer568 responds:

i'll do that but 1st i need flash


2009-10-06 09:46:01

Just review submissions and then you can be famous

destroyer568 responds:

alright good idea


2009-10-06 09:47:07

Don't follow bad flashes and bad people.Thats the advice I can give.Vote 0 on bad submissions


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