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whats going on

2009-10-05 03:04:28 by destroyer568

every i want to do a review this shows up:Type id is AD_ERROR_TYPE Can't show anything?. can ppl plz tell me y


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2009-10-05 05:48:18

Thats beyond my knowledge, if noone posts here in about a day then try asking this in the where is/how to forum. And the text is a bit unclear, I probably wont go to your userpage again but for other users could you copy-paste the error-message in " " <--- those marks, it makes it much easier to understand.

destroyer568 responds:

ok i will do that


2009-10-05 11:43:00

This is da 2nd time i visited dis userpage.
And WOOAh,who woulld be INSANE enuf to tell someone to go nude and photograph himself givin the other pictures to post on the internet Xd

destroyer568 responds:

ok stop it