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2009-10-03 14:45:25 by destroyer568

why r ppl think some of my reviews r useless... if u dont get what im saying plz see my reviews


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2009-10-04 12:37:35

You are the best reviewer man!!I also saw that you added my flash as one of your favourites.

(Updated ) destroyer568 responds:

thank mate...hey i feel happy now


2009-10-05 01:43:36

I am going to be brutally honest with you, cause this is coming from someone who also leaves useless reviews. Your Reviews are useless, cause they are useless. 98% of them don't review the flash themselves, they are just comments directed at the author, and not at the flash For an example. This is a quality, USEFUL review, Written by

"I've been watching all your Pencilmations and the animation is very cute. Your style comes through clearly in the character designs, movement, and storyline. The music is great, nice and simple; I don't know how you found it but it's really perfect. The stripped-down acoustic style matches the drawing wonderfully. All the little sounds bring it right to life. The animation itself is smooth and satisfying to look at, and the two-pane format of this episode is very clever.

At first, I thought the hand would be intrusive, but it's just fine. I like how you showed that it was actually your hand. It adds the extra touch of yourself that helps us remember that this cartoon comes straight from you to us.

I've said all the nice things I want to say, so now I'll address the qualities of your cartoons that I think need improvement.

Every new Pencilmation cartoon has a different little storyline, but they're really all the same. The characters all have the same sort of emotions and obstacles. Every episode, there's the jealous character who is picked on by the animator, who gives him the short end of the deal while he watches the other character have fun. It's always the same jealousy, envy, inferiority, and anger, and the other character gets fat and happy, maybe even gloats. It's repetitive. At first, it wasn't a problem, but it's more than two or three episodes; these themes have continued in every episode.

But not only is it repetitive, it's also overall negative. One of your characters is always upset in some way, and it's usually not his fault, but someone... bullying him. Some humor is coming from the silly stuff happening and the silly drawings, but a lot- if not most- is coming from laughing at the character's misfortune. It may be funny, but it doesn't give us the fuzzy feel that other cartoons of this style do... it's kind of mean.

I understand that they're just shorts, but you should develop your little characters more. They really are all the same, except for some differences in appearance. You could give them funny traits and then use those to create humor. You could use funny personality traits to create more of the physical humor, too.

Anyways, I don't want to sound too critical. I'm rating this 8 stars! Just don't let anything prevent your talent for animating from shining at its brightest."

Compare that too

"it was piconjo the evil version of pico"

Saying "it was piconjo the evil version of pico" Doesn't Review the flash, it is just a pointless statement, which is useless. You are not reviewing drawing styles, music, sound effects, Controls, What you liked, what you saw that could be improved, etc etc.

destroyer568 responds:

ok i will improve em